Sewer lateral Miami beach

We had a very difficult sewer lateral installation in the city of Miami Beach recently. The sewer line was backing up all over the place.  We had several pump out trucks on-site to remedy that.  The water level was extremely high and the de-watering system could not keep up with the percolation rate.  Very strange for  this area.

We ended up utilizing an underwater hydraulic chain saw and our own insertion tools to isolate the line underwater while installing the new sewer lateral. The installation worked out perfectly.

On high value commercial work with limited R/W closure we typically send out 2 sewage pump-out trucks, 1 vacuum excavation truck plus all the excavating equipment and support equipment.  Below is a pic of the hydraulic chainsaw and vacuum excavator used on a sewer line project.




New Watermain and Temp Meter

During the installation of a new watermain in Miami Dade County we typically apply for a temporary water meter or floating meter.  This allows construction crews  access to clean water from a nearby fire hydrant.  We typically use the meter to fill and flush new watermains. A floating meter is a valuable tool during a… Continue Reading

Septic to Sanitary Connection

The process of abandoning a septic tank and installing a new sewer lateral in Miami Dade county is simple.  The homeowner must retain a civil engineer for design services.  Typically the septic tank must be pumped out,  cleaned and filled with sand then certified to the local health department. The hard part is connecting to… Continue Reading

New fire service connection

Installing a new fire line connection or fire service in Miami Dade county requires significant planning and administrative paperwork. General contractors or fire sprinkler companies do not realize that a new fire connection requires coordination and conveyance from the local utility company. The building department provides a general review and approval but the utility company… Continue Reading

Water and Sewer connections in Miami Beach

The installation cost for water and sewer service laterals or new service connections in Miami Beach are significantly higher than most other municipalities in Dade county because the water level is so high.  The majority of the utility work is underwater. The Contractor needs to de-water  within a very tight corridor, usually within an alley… Continue Reading

New Watermain testing requirements

Miami Dade Water and Sewer department requires the contractor to test water valves prior to service. They typically request the engineer  to show new valves  spaced 600′ apart.   We test all valves including new fire connections or fire hydrant installation.  The reason for that is when you test the actual watermain you can  rule… Continue Reading