Dewatering In Miami Dade county

Dewatering in Miami Dade County and/or Broward County can be challenging.  We typically design a well point system and discharge into a sedimentation tank. The discharge must be free and clean. DERM requires the effluent to be under 29 NTU’s.

The most challenging part of a dewatering system is the project location. Owners, Architects and developers are not always aware how adjacent properties can impact construction activities.

Dewatering draws groundwater from the adjacent areas. If you are near a contaminated site the discharge may be impacted and require additional treatment prior to disposal.

Give us a call if you need to develop a dewatering plan and permit in South Florida.

DB15-WASD -01

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) is coming out with great projects in 2015.  DB15-WASD -01 gives firms the opportunity to team with local CBE’s. We have significant experience in large pipe design in Miami Dade County. Including design, permitting and construction administration.   Continue Reading

DB14 WASD 03

The WASD Area N design build project is coming out. The engineers estimate for this project is 69 Million. We have teamed with a select group of underground utility and excavation contractors in pursuit of this project. We have reviewed the alignment and have developed our own preliminary design. Florida Pipeline Company’s in house Engineering… Continue Reading


Florida Pipeline Company has teamed with the top design build firms in the state of Florida in pursuit of the Miami Dade Water and Sewer Design build contract DB14-WASD-05. We are very familiar with this project and have been following it for a long time. Project consist of the installation of a 48″ Force Main … Continue Reading

Broward County Water and Sewer

The design and approval of new water lines in Broward county is a simple task. Water main extension and Sewage collection systems in Broward county include installation of water mains, fire lines, double detector checks valves, fire hydrants, gravity sewer mains, force mains, lift stations, pump stations and sewer laterals. We typically start with the… Continue Reading

Water Main and Sanitary Sewer Permitting

We have developed a sample time line that applies to new water mains, fire hydrants,  fire line service connections, Sanitary sewer lines, pump stations and new water services.  This timeline varies slightly based on project conditions. Consult Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department’s website for additional information..  Broward county water and sewer requirements will be… Continue Reading

Water main extension at WASD

Miami Dade Water and Sewer department ( WASD ) requires new home owners within a feasible distance to provide a watermain extension to service new construction that was previously not connected. This applies to both Water and Sewer service in Miami Dade County. WASD and Miami Dade county DERM have developed a criteria for this type… Continue Reading

Miami Dade water and sewer departments (WASD) Shenandoah watermain

After months of work we finally submitted our bids for the Shenandoah A and Shenandoah B water main extension projects in the city of Miami. Both projects are part of the Miami Dade Water and Sewer Departments (WASD) effort to upgrade existing infrastructure. The Shenandoah area of Miami is one of the oldest communities. We… Continue Reading

Miami Dade Water and Sewer

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department  ( WASD ) capital improvement program is impressive. WASD’s existing water and sewer infrastructure consist of six major treatment plants and more than 14,000 miles of pipelines. The average age of watermains is fifty years. The sewer lines in the Wynwood section of Miami are date 1922. Mostly clay… Continue Reading