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Experience working with Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department

We have a very good working relationship with all of Miami Dade County Departments. We have been working with the county for over 30 years on all types of projects. Some of our employees are ex-county employees with great working relationships.

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Sewer Line Installation in South Florida

We utilize state of the art lasers to install sewer lines. All of our projects are installed with extreme accuracy and precision. Typically a sewer line needs to pass various test such as infiltration/ exfiltration and lamping.  The county requires a partial or half-moon visible during lamping. Notice our lamping results. Our installations are 100% visible with zero deflection (See Light pic below)

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Watermain Extension in South Florida

We design and install water and sewer lines. This process eliminates costly delays and change orders. Typically during underground excavations we run into unforeseen site conditions. Most of the time unknown conditions are remedied quickly and economically utilizing offset fittings and adapters.

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We are experts in dewatering design, permitting and construction of dewatering systems. We have designed and permitted dewatering systems utilizing well points and hydraulic pumping. We design dewatering systems to meet DERM class V dewatering permit standards and South Florida Water management (SFWMD) dewatering criteria. SFWMD typically issues a water use permit.

Dewatering activities that require a water use permit include withdrawals of water for construction activities. There are three types of District permits for dewatering projects that are primarily based on the duration and volume of water associated with the project.

The most common construction related dewatering permit is the “No-Notice” Dewatering Permit. “No-Notice” short-term dewatering permits apply to dewatering projects of less than 90 days with maximum daily pump rate of less than 5 million gallons per day and maximum total project pump rate of less than 100 million gallons, where all dewatering water is retained on the project site and there is no potential for resource harm.

If a project does not qualify for a “No-Notice” permit, a Dewatering General Water Use or a Dewatering Individual Permit must be obtained for the dewatering project. These permits are intended for projects of longer duration or larger dewatering rates.

Permitting Requirements for Miami Dade County

The primary review is conducted by Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department.

Rudy Ibarra PE is a licensed professional engineer with over 30 years of waterworks experience and has successfully designed, permitted and conveyed over 50,000 LF of water distribution and sewage collection systems, including regional WASD pump Stations and force mains. The majority of this work was done locally in Miami Dade County.

Rudy is also a state licensed utility and excavation contractor. He is the President of “Florida Pipeline Company” (FPC). He has a very unique perspective from both the design and construction of water and sewer projects.

Not many designers know that the field inspector has the authority to issue field directives and in many cases resolves conflicts onsite without costly change orders or time delays.

WASD does not publish all of the details and/or interoffice memorandums. Designers are not privy to that knowledge.

Our team is very experienced on the design and construction of water and sewer facilities, including pump stations and force main projects.

Health and Safety

FPC is very aware of the OSHA 1929 and trench safety act. We are very familiar with Benching and shoring required by OSHA. The Miami Dade water and sewer specifications are very clear that the contractor is ultimately responsible for the safety of his employees and shall provide adequate MOT to facilitate vehicle and pedestrian traffic at all times.

Special precautions must be in place to address confined entry procedures such as a gas monitors and self-rescue tripods with winch attachments. Areas must be monitored by a competent person as defined by OSHA.

Utility Coordination:

Water and Sewer projects require close coordination with the Utility Agency Owners. Our coordination efforts will focus on early identification, conflict avoidance and planning for advance utility relocation and adjustments.

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) & Construction: Our MOT will be designed in-house to optimize work zones in order to reduce construction time and minimize potential impacts to motorists, residents and businesses. FPC will utilize the 2016 FDOT 600 series design standards. We will perform lane closure analysis to determine the peak hour restrictions and limit noise impacts during construction. We will also use a proactive approach to resolve all constructability concerns during design.


Rodolfo Ibarra, PE will act as the single point of contact with the water department and will have open communications with the engineers and inspectors on all the project issues.  Early coordination meetings will be held with all stakeholders to address concerns.

Schedule and Budget Control:

FPC will provide a detailed schedule and payout curve to the Client upon execution of the contract.     Mr. Ibarra will monitor and control the schedule on a regular basis and will provide monthly updates to the Owner.  We will work diligently to keep the project within the allocated budget while ensuring that the project is ahead of schedule. If an unforeseen delay affects a critical path, we will develop a recovery plan to get the project back on track.

Construction Cost:

FPC is sensitive to the needs of the Client with respect to the construction cost of projects. We will monitor construction costs throughout the life of the project by consistently updating the estimate and addressing unforeseen site conditions immediately with the client.

Commitment to the client:

We are confident that FPC can offer the client exceptional services that it deserves.  All key personnel and staff assigned to a project will be immediately available to work on this project. We pride ourselves on consistently receiving high grades for our quality, schedule, and management capabilities on each project we produce. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the client with a highly competent and proactive team.

Thank You

Rudy Ibarra PE

President, Florida Pipeline Company