New Watermain & Sewer Connection Miami

We are currently working on a project in Miami Dade County. The project consist of a new Watermain extension and abandonment of a septic tank. We will be installing a new sewer lateral connection as well.

This project is located along a very active FDOT roadway so the MOT actually cost 4x more than the actual Watermain extension. Incredible but true. The roadway is a 6 lane (3 SB & 3 NB ) with a middle suicide lane that will be converted to a median in a future FDOT RRR project.

In this particular project we are dealing with 4 agencies. Miami Dade Water & Sewer, FDOT, City of Miami and Miami Dade County.

It will actually take us 4 hours to do the Watermain connection within the roadway, two days to finalize the water main extension and 2 months of paperwork followed by 4 months of conveyance.

Miami Dade Water and sewer is utilizing new software that tracks all construction related tasks but it is so time consuming and inclusive. Always give yourself at least 6-8 months to convey your projects.

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