Water Service and Sewer laterals Miami Dade county


Installation and conveyance of new water and sewer service laterals in Miami Dade county are becoming very time consuming due to the new E-builder system and survey as built requirements.  We have attached  several pictures of our most recent project located in North Miami. The scope of service included a new water service connection with a new water meter box. We also installed 2 new sewer laterals and abandoned an existing septic tank system.  The building was utilizing a private water well.

The project required coordination with FDOT, WASD, DERM, Florida department of health, Miami Dade county department of transportation and roadway along with other building department sections.  The project scope was very small but had to undergo 6 months of design and 4 months of permitting, and 4 months of conveyance paperwork.

Below is an example of the As-built survey work. the final as-built survey consist of a cover sheet and plan and profile. we clipped out a section to show what Miami Dade water & sewer requires.  Notice the control points are tied to the state coordinate system.  The acceptance process for the As-built is about 4 months


Shown below are pictures of the new water service and sewer laterals.

Notice the work area for the installation. We had to close down the roadway. The excavation was done in 2 hours and the roadway was re-opened. We installed temporary asphalt then final asphalt a few weeks later.



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