Civil Engineering Services

Rodolfo Ibarra PE (# 45901)  is a state licensed civil engineer and owner of Florida Pipeline Company. We have over 30 years of land development experience in south Florida. The majority of our work experience is in Miami Dade and Broward county.

Our team  designs , permits and conveys civil engineering projects much faster than traditional design firms because we design & construct proactively without excessive change orders and time delays.  We own all of our equipment and are very aware of all code requirements.

Owners &  Architects will not need to worry about coordination & conflicts with WASD, DERM, RER, Fire Dept., Building department, Health Dept. , Inspection comments, Shop Drawings, & Engineer directives.  As design engineers and contractors we handle everything.

We have experience in storm water design. A storm water system consist of French drain or exfiltration trench with catch basins to collect and percolate  storm water runoff.  This system works well to remedy flooding. Typical application is a parcel or parking lot that floods. Our design team develops paving and grading plans with new elevations to resolve flooding issues.

Watermain extension and sewer lines or laterals are designed, permitted and installed throughout Miami Dade county, including Miami Beach, City of Miami and other municipalities.


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