Dewatering in South Florida

We get calls from contractors trying to dewater sites everyday. Some of the GC’s read our blogs and think it’s easy because they have done it in the past.  Please remember that some sites have limited right of way. You should not simply rent a pump and discharge into a nearby catch basin.   Dewatering requires planning and significant permitting.

Dewatering for a new sewer line or sewer lateral is very simple but requires a multiple permits. In Miami dade County we typically apply for a short term dewatering permit from DERM (RER) , SFWMD & FDEP as needed. The installation only takes about 30 minutes but the permitting process varies from 30-60 days. In Miami Beach we schedule the installation with low tide and low flow to minimize the pumping.  We utilize the same procedure for a new watermain connection or water tap in Miami.

The primary method for dewatering is to utilize a combination of well points and large diesel driven pumps. The discharge is routed to a sedimentation tank that flows to the discharge point.  We have discharged into canals, drainage wells, French drain systems, Trench to Trench, ponds, onsite temporary retention areas.

We  avoid discharging into a roadway system unless the public works department allows it.  Never sheet flow into an active roadway system.

Our experience is limited to the installation of public utilities.  Water distribution and sewage collection systems in Miami Dade County.



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