Cost of a watermain extension south Florida

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) staff sometimes comments on the cost of a new waterline or watermain extension. They tell homeowners that the average 8″ DIP watermain cost about $ 100/ foot.  In reality the average bid price base on multiple projects is around $ 225/ foot.  In  downtown and other congested areas the cost is much higher than that.  The reason is that the contractor’s production rate is significantly impacted by a number of factors.

Roadway restoration,   maintenance of traffic,  utility conflicts, and MDWASD new e-builder system, significantly impact the cost. We typically average about 60’/day in downtown areas and 240’/day on open areas.  Sometimes the county requires full roadway restoration, including full intersection improvements.

You can’t always apply a cost /foot because the restoration work may actually exceed the cost of your improvement. Always consult with a civil engineer during the planning phase of your project.  We have a Civil engineer in-house that can assist as needed.

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