New fire service connection

Installing a new fire line connection or fire service in Miami Dade county requires significant planning and administrative paperwork. General contractors or fire sprinkler companies do not realize that a new fire connection requires coordination and conveyance from the local utility company. The building department provides a general review and approval but the utility company must issue the permit.

Itemized below is a simplified process for south Florida. Additional steps may be required. Check with your local utility.

  1. Develop site survey
  2.  Civil engineer designs fire connection
  3.  Civil engineer submitts dry run review
  4.  Civil engineer submits final review
  5.  Submittal of water forms & application fees
  6.  Contractor submits MOT for approval with permit to public works
  7.  Contractor submits shop drawings for approval to the EOR then utility
  8.  Request pre-construction meeting
  9.  Call utility clearance & survey layout
  10.  Setup MOT & NPDES
  11.  Start construction
  12.  Call for density testing
  13.  Call for rough inspection with Plumbing & Utility
  14.  Backfill,  compact, test
  15.  Backflow certifications
  16.  As-built survey
  17.  EOR certification
  18.  E-builder or other management input
  19.  As-built accepted
  20.  Line & Grade inspection
  21.  Call for final
  22.  Pay all fees and cost. Close out permit


Miami Dade Water and sewer department actual has many more steps. Miami beach and other municipalities follow this basic timeline.  The build process requires conveyance so always give yourself plenty of time.


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