New Sewer Lateral

When installing a new sewer line or new sewer lateral connection in the roadway or public right of way, a right of way permit in addition to a regular building plumbing permit is required. The city of Miami Beach and Miami Dade water and sewer department have very specific requirements for new sewer line connections.

Typically, the owner or contractor will need to develop engineering drawings for the new sewer line connections in the roadway. The engineer will require a full property and roadway survey to begin the design process.

Always give yourself plenty of time for the plans review & permitting process. Once the plans are approved the engineering contractor submits a maintenance of Traffic Plan (MOT) plan, shop drawings and schedules the preconstruction meeting.

The city of Miami Beach and Miami Dade water and sewer will both require As-Built drawings showing the new sewer line installation.

A new sewer line connection is typically a very simple process but the construction paperwork is significant and will last for months.

Florida Pipeline Company does all of the Design, Construction, MOT design & implementation, testing, inspections, Certification, and conveyance in-house, including plans tracking via the new e-builder program implemented by WASD.

In extremely tight excavation sites with multiple utility conflicts we utilize vacuum excavation to avoid damaging existing utilities. On a project that consisted of a new sewer line connection in Miami, a gas line was installed over the existing sewer line. Turns out the line was abandoned in place and inactive.

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