Septic tank to Sewer Connection

We get a lot of questions from folks trying to abandon a septic tank and connect to a sewer line In Miami Dade County.

The process is simple but requires several steps. The home owner or business owner must first retain a land surveyor and develop a survey showing the property limits and all improvements. Try to locate the clean out and define the location of the septic tank to be abandoned.

The next step is to retain a civil engineer to develop drawings and assist with the developer’s agreement with the city or county. Typically the owner will need to pay connection charges and fees associated with the new sewer line.

The work will consist of abandoning the septic tank and cutting in a new sewer lateral within the roadway. The location of the main line varies but is typically located along the center of the roadway.

All utility work within the right of way will require full restoration, including sidewalk and roadway repairs. Some cities will require full pavement restoration beyond the excavation limits.

Once all the work is completed the engineer of record or the surveyor will need to develop record drawings or As-built drawing showing the location of the new sewer line.
It’s important to understand that the invert elevation (Bottom of pipe) of the sewer line coming out of the house or business must be higher than the elevation of the sewer main in the roadway. Sewage flows by gravity so the pipe must have sufficient slope to make it work.

new sewer line

Utility conflicts along the alignment may impact the ability to install the sewer lateral. In some cases the utility lines can be re-routed but that impacts the cost significantly.

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