Sewer extension vs Sewer lateral

We get questions from home owners about Sewer extensions and Sewer laterals.  The best way to describe the differences is by the location of the new sewer line and type of pipe.

In Miami Dade County and most municipalities water & sewer lines are located within the right of way ( Roadway). The sewer lines are typically in the center of the roadway and the watermain is located near the edge of pavement.

When Miami Dade Water & Sewer  lines abut a property they may require home owners to connect to the existing sewer lines located in the roadway. That connection is typically called a sewer lateral.  If your property does not have a sewer line directly in front  you may be require to extend a new sewer line within the right of way.  The extension is called a sewer extension.

A sewer lateral is typically 30′ of 6″ PVC pipe with a clean out at the sidewalk

A sewer extension varies in distance determined by the utility. The pipe is typically 8″ and larger with sewer manholes spaced along the alignment.  This is a very costly installation because you need to restore the roadway upon completion of the project.

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