Design of water and sewer sytems

The installation of new water lines or a watermain extension will require the services of a Civil Engineer. The owner of Florida Pipeline company specializes in the design and construction of Water distribution systems and sewage collection system throughout the state of Florida. We also design and install storm water systems for parking lots in… Continue Reading

Dewatering in South Florida

We get calls from contractors trying to dewater sites everyday. Some of the GC’s read our blogs and think it’s easy because they have done it in the past.  Please remember that some sites have limited right of way. You should not simply rent a pump and discharge into a nearby catch basin.   Dewatering… Continue Reading

Civil Engineering Services

Rodolfo Ibarra PE (# 45901)  is a state licensed civil engineer and owner of Florida Pipeline Company. We have over 30 years of land development experience in south Florida. The majority of our work experience is in Miami Dade and Broward county. Our team  designs , permits and conveys civil engineering projects much faster than… Continue Reading

Watermain extension Miami Dade County

Home owners often ask why Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department request they upgrade or install  a new waterline in the roadway. The process for the installation is called a watermain extension. Many areas in the county have undersized waterlines and service connections. When a home owner or developer submits plans for improvements  the county… Continue Reading

Dewatering in Miami Beach

During the last few sewer lateral installations in Miami Beach we  encountered very high ground water levels.  We have also seen the existing sanitary sewer lines backing up for extended periods of time making the installation very difficult. The roadway elevations along the southern part of the beach near our project was at +4.0 NGVD.… Continue Reading

New Sewer Lateral

When installing a new sewer line or new sewer lateral connection in the roadway or public right of way, a right of way permit in addition to a regular building plumbing permit is required. The city of Miami Beach and Miami Dade water and sewer department have very specific requirements for new sewer line connections.… Continue Reading